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We partner with your practice and ensure all aspects of your practice are optimal. We act as your extension to manage things as they come up.
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ConsultingMDs: About Us

A single-minded focus on getting results

Whether you are Primary Care, or a super-Specialty, we don't stop till we get the results we expect. We work very closely with your office to ensure the practice is a success and continuously monitor things to attain maximum results.

About ConsultingMDs

A Team with Experience, Tenacity and Vision

Our Core

At the heart of our expertise is a patient platform for chronic diseases that we built and support from the ground up. With several million patients on the platform, we have collaborated with Hospitals, Insurances, Pharma, and other key participants to understand patient behavior better.

Consulting Expertise

We have worked to improve patient adherence and compliance among those patient populations. We have conducted studies and trials to generate actionable patient data.

We have consulted with Pharma, Insurances, Large Hospital Systems as well as Private Practices. We have a wide understanding of the various aspects of Medical Practices and have helped in various capacities.

Exclusively Private Practices

We come from families of doctors and fully understand the pressures of private practices. We are proud of the strengths of an independent private practice and are keenly aware of the needs as well. We are clear in our vision and apply our experience to derive accurate, actionable results for the practices we work with.

Our Pledge

    • Deal with Honesty and Integrity
    • Deliver Solutions that go above what is required
    • Unmatched Private Practice Expertise
    • Long Term Relationships with Practices we work with

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Our Expertise

We continue to learn, adapt and develop better solutions for Private Practices:
  • Business Formation/Setup
  • Buy/Sell Practices
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology/Automation Implementation
  • Practice Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • HR Management
  • Billing Oversight
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Startups
  • Telemedicine

Meet our founder: Sunil Modi

With a career spanning over 25 years, Sunil has a breadth of knowledge and experience uniquely suited for medical consulting.

After a successful exit from his I.T consulting services company, Sunil and his team developed Reachout, a unique patient support App designed specifically for chronic disease patients. With the huge success of this platform, his career moved towards understanding patient behavior and how to influence them for better adherence, compliance.

Consulting with Insurances, Pharma, Hospitals and Research labs, his knowledge of the medical world and specifically on patient behavior grew tremendously.

Today, he spearheads ConsultingMDs to help private practices with all their issues, from startup, to execution, to patient marketing, operational improvements, billing issues and much more. He is widely renowned as the Private Practice Expert and has a vast social media following.

Under his guidance, CMDs has helped numerous practices and enabled them to flourish and grow. His ability to understand the problems at hand and provide long term solutions make him a cherished partner for you and a appreciated leader for us.

  • Engineering and MBA
  • Successfully launched Businesses
  • Deep understanding of Technology
  • Expertise in Patient Behavior
  • Large Social Media following
  • Widely regarded Expert in Private Practice Consulting