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Easy Economical Effective SEO for Doctors Optimization

Now get the most effective solution to manage your website and rank higher than before with cost effective SEO solutions.
All without breaking your bank, or waiting forever to see results.

Cost Effective Solution To Manage Your Website And Optimize SEO For Doctors

Saving you time to provide best possible care for your patients. Our team incorporates the best in class standards for website editing, and SEO optimization of your site.
Close Collaboration

We work closely with you to SEO optimize your content appropriate for your practice. You decide what you need based on our recommendations. We ensure timely implementation.

Just What You Need

You don't spend thousands each month just to keep a team on board. Pay only when you need us to work for you. Get clear cost and time estimates of the work before it is performed and no surprises.

Unparalleled Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in digital marketing. We have built and manage scores of websites. We work hand-in-hand with you converting your ideas in reality in quick time.

SEO for Doctors Plan

Economical Effective Solution for SEO for Doctors Optimization
Sign-Up Fee (One Time)


Monthly Membership Fee

$100 a month

Simple Hourly Pricing

$100 an hour

You Decide What is Needed, We Implement The Changes

Complete Website Management


Eliminating slow loading scripts, removing errors, guarding against malware, speed optimization via cache and edge computing


Adding pages as needed, managing content, improving readability and site structure


Adding content relevant to the practice. Ensuring content is original. Optimizing the content layout over time for optimal results.


Integrate Website with workflows to reduce load on staff. Online appointment, online intakes, online portal access etc.


Improving site design over time to be in-line with the latest trends. Keeping the users engaged longer with ease of navigation as well as original content that is easy to reach as well as fun to read.


Ensuring website is relevant to your practice ensures a higher rank on search engines. Often overlooked, a key piece of website maintenance is ensuring relevancy.

Implement what is needed, and what is the most effective in yielding results

Comprehensive SEO Solution for Doctors

Website SEO

Ensuring Content relevancy, fast site speed, no malware, keyword relevancy, error free content, technically correct site, optimized text/keyword ratios etc.

Local SEO

Ensuring high ranks for the site in local searches. Keywords relevant to local population, content curation based on local searches.

Social SEO

Using all social media tools to improve SEO scores. Capturing social media signals to direct traffic to site. Updating and improving social tools to achieve a higher social SEO.

Business SEO

Utilizing business listings and directory listings to enhance website presence and improve SEO scores. Optimize listings based on local SEO to achieve maximum exposures in the local community for the practice.

Technical SEO

Ensuring site content is copyright and plagiarism free. Eliminating technical errors and ensuring search engines are able to crawl the site error free for a higher technical SEO score.

SEO for more patients

A higher SEO score for content that actually converts to patients is our ultimate goal. We constantly test and monitor visitor movement on the site to ensure they are moving on to contact the practice. The ultimate SEO goal.

No Binding Contracts, Cancel Anytime

We are confident you will love our service. For this reason, cancel anytime but you will not need to.

1. How much is the sign-up fee?

All members pay a one-time sign-up fee of $200.

2. What is the monthly membership fee cover?

A monthly membership fee of $100 ensures you a quick support for all your website and SEO needs. We ensure quality work for our members and this recurring fee ensures we are on top of our game in answering your queries.

3. How does the process work?

You send us an email with details of what you need. We get back to you with an estimate of cost, time, and when you can expect the work finished. You approve it, we get to work and report once finished. Your credit card is charged once the work is completed.

4. How do you charge for the work?

A simple flat fee of $100 an hour is how we estimate our charges. All charges are disclosed before we start the work.

5. What kind of work cannot be done for my website under this program?

Nothing. We do everything from building pages, to integrating Booking engines, to re-building the sites. You name it, we can do it.

6. How can you help with SEO?

Our initial study can point out what is needed to be done. Then you prioritize what you need done and when, and we get to work.

7. How soon do I see results with SEO optimization?

It depends on what is being done. If you don’t have presence on google maps (for example), adding your listing with the right content with generate immediate results. On the other hand, optimizing your web page to rank higher, well that takes time and Mr. Google’s blessings.

8. Is there an up-charge for a multi-doctor practice?

No, the charges remain the same.


We have listed the most commonly asked questions here. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

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