What is SEO for a Medical Practice and How Does it Benefit the Physician?

SEO for Doctors

SEO for Doctors in simple terms is the ability of your information to show higher than the competition when prospective patients are searching for services that you offer. Several factors go into making a compelling SEO strategy however we will cover some of the basics in this article.

Target Population for your SEO Strategy:
Before we decide on the strategy for our SEO we must understand who is the target for that particular website. For most medical practices we are concerned with patients either putting into a certain demographic or to a certain calculation. Understanding how that particular set of patients behave online is vital in understanding how to approach our SEO strategy and have our website ranked higher in their searches. their typical search patterns, their propensity to search day or night, their age groups, and other factors come into play when trying to understand your target operation.

Understanding Patient Behavior for our SEO Strategy: 
typically when we think about Target patient demographics for a clinic, it is a very small subset of the total population. This particular subset uses common keywords when searching for practitioners. For example, an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on spine procedures is well served by focusing on an SEO strategy consisting of no more than five or six keywords.  These 5 or 6 keywords represent 90% of his Target demographics and a strategy that can appeal to 90% of this population will keep him busy for years to come. Understanding our target demographics and honing in on just a few keywords is vital in making a website that is targeted toward that subset of the population. more keywords are generally not a good idea for medical practices as it  dilutes the effort and does not produce the desired results

Localization of SEO Strategy:
Physically important to understand that most Michael practices do not need to focus on a national strategy for SEO optimization. focusing on the immediate community where most of the patients come from is sufficient for their SEO strategy. Oftentimes limited communities have certain security entities and behavior patterns that differentiate them from other patients in the nation. Understanding the local Behavior patterns and the local demographics is vital in building a strategy that is focused on local SEO for medical practices.

SEO for Doctors 1

Is SEO just plugging in keywords on my Website?
Let’s think about our typical search on Google. When we search for a doctor in Pennsylvania for example, we don’t get websites selling dog food that lists doctors in Pennsylvania? The reason we don’t see non-contextual websites on our search results is that search engines typically deploy complex algorithms and learning patterns to understand your website and show it appropriately for results that are relevant to the site. for that matter our website must be relevant to the services we offer, must be appropriate for the local community that we serve, must have high-quality original content, must have good speed loading as well as error-free operation, by simply writing content that is appropriate for the local community, you would certainly have hit some of the keywords that would be of interest to your prospective patients. As a result, you are off to a great start without knowing anything about SEO. Building great content relevant to the populations we plan to serve will automatically include a great keyword strategy. Building great content and handing it to a team of experts in Medical SEO multiplies your chances of success. 

SEO for Doctors

How long does it take for my website to rank on Google? 
In medical terms, a good SEO strategy takes about the same time that an improved diet takes to improve a patient’s health. In other words, SEO is a strategy rather than an action and takes a few months to show great results. Concentrated SEO optimization over a period of time will result in great results, but bear in mind that your strategy is not free, or fast if you are seeking immediate results. Rather, an SEO strategy along with other marketing tools is the best way to proceed to grow your practice. SEO for the long-term effect, and advertising, offline marketing, etc. for immediate results. 

Is SEO free or expensive? 
To truly judge whether the expense of an SEO strategy is worth it or not, we must determine the return on investment for such a strategy. Bear in mind, a competent team of SEO experts will produce results that benefit you for years to come resulting in a full practice much faster than you had anticipated. The cost of this team will be minuscule as compared to the revenue that this team is going to bring to your practice AKA your patients every month. We do get asked a lot whether doctors can do the SEO optimizations themselves on their websites. Our answer is about the same when patients think they can self-medicate for things that they should be seen by you. Leave it to the experts we say!

In the world of medicine, SEO isn’t just a strategy; it’s a lifeline connecting patients to the care they deserve and ensuring that they can find the healthcare expertise they need when they need it most. – Sunil Modi

Is SEO for specialties different from SEO for Primary Care Doctors:
While SEO for every practice is always unique, SEO strategies for primary care doctors overall follow a general guideline that is distinctly different from that for specialties. Specialties tend to concentrate on patients with one particular health condition. They generally serve a broader area of the population, and patients are happy to travel longer distances to see the specialist. This changes how SEO is optimized for the specialist.

A PCP on the other hand, concentrates their practice to the immediate population, and on broader health rather than a particular acute condition. The SEO strategy would be focused more on the demographic of the target population, rather than one or two health conditions for this population. A good Healthcare Marketing team will be able to design a Medical SEO strategy appropriate to your skills and specialization and bring you the results you desire. 

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