Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing is tricky amid stiff competition from established players.




Establish this Urgent Care amid stiff competition.


California, Suburban

KidsMDNow: Pediatric Urgent Care

Newly established Pediatric Urgent Care with a caring doctor. The area however is saturated with established Urgent Care Centers. Big Hospital system owned as well as independent Urgent Cares had made it hard for this practice to survive.

Doctor’s reputation alone was not enough to bring in the patients and had to be augmented with a direct marketing approach. Urgent Care Marketing required careful implementation as it can be pricey if not done correctly.

  • Urgent Care
  • Pediatrics

Marketing strategy

Differentiate from other Urgent Cares. Incorporate Doctor's skills, hours of operation, no wait-times, and other factors in the marketing strategy.

Aggressive Online Marketing

Aggressive marketing to bring in patients paid dividends once they experiences the service and wanted to come back when needed. We focused on the target demographics of patients with our advertising and messaging and were able to carve the niche needed to differentiate this Urgent care.

Challenging environment

We carved out niches amid competition that helped the practice gain patients. Those included clinic timings, doctor's reputation, no waiting policy and some others.

Generating Repeat Customers

Generating repeat clients is the bonus for marketing. Parents loved the ease and thoroughness of the practice and came back for help when needed.

Results so far

Urgent Care grew rapidly and was bought out by competition.