Help Make Practice More Profitable

How to Increase Revenue

Dr. S


To increase profitability of his clinic.


Los Angeles, Suburban, Internal Medicine

Dr. S: Internal Medicine Practice in suburbs of Los Angeles

A wonderful and kind doctor struggling to make ends meet in a busy practice. The practice accepts most insurances and has a healthy reputation in the market. His practice is open regular hours and his calendar is mostly full. Yet, his profits do not reflect his hard work.

  • Internal Medicine

Consulting strategy

Patient volume does not seem to corelate with revenues.

Review Patient Billing Contracts

Not all patient contracts pay the same. Review contracts to understand disparities in payers.

Understand Coding/Billing

Review billing processes in details and match with the accounting statements.


Advised to remove payers that didn't pay well. Discovered big discrepancies in billing and was advised accordingly. Also advised to spruce up Marketing to bring in more better paying patients.