Marketing a Family Practice

No Website allowed!!

Dr. Arun Puthusseril


To bring in patients to his practice without a website, and among several other family medicine doctors in the area.


Pennsylvania, Suburban

Dr. Arun: Family Medicine Practice

A competent doctor struggling to bring in patients as part of an MSO. Not allowed to have a separate website, it was quite the challenge to educate patients about his practice without a full-blown website to accentuate his abilities in a small suburban market in PA.

  • Family Medicine

Marketing strategy

Drive patients through multiple sources of marketing. Use a google provided landing page to drive patients into the practice. Use his business listings to generate interest in his practice.

Digital Advertising

Strategic Digital Advertising urging patients to call the practice worked with immediate results for the practice.

Tapping Rural PA

Our strategy incorporated those far-off areas that had patients with conceivably limited medical resources. Dr. Arun's practice benefited from those patients coming into town to see him.


We focused on local SEO (non-website) to generate interest in his services. We targeted patients seeking a family medicine doctor with a holistic approach to medicine.

Results so far

He has a consistently growing practice with new patients coming in every day. His reviews are growing and we are grateful he has been referring his colleagues over to us.