Dental Practice Marketing

Pediatric Dentist Practice

To strategize and market a brand new Pediatric Dentist practice.


Los Angeles, Suburban

Dr. Stein: Pediatric Dental Practice

Dr. Stein was starting a new dental practice and needed some help in bringing in patients. As with most dental practices, the area is saturated with Dentistry and it was quite the challenge to create a niche for her.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

Overall strategy

Get parents to learn about this new practice quickly to gain traction.

Digital Advertising

Strategic Digital Advertising engaging parents to help them learn about Dr. Stein's skills.

Tapping an untapped Market

Our strategy incorporated reaching out to moms who have a tough time with kids at the dentist. We targeted several niches in this area to garner interest.


We focused on local SEO to generate interest in the pediatric dental services. Website, great reviews, social media, and local outreach were incorporated as part of the strategy.


Practice has been quite successful from the start. Interest in the service has shown a clear need for this service and the service has grown tremendously month over month.