Marketing Concierge Pediatrics Practice

Marketing a Concierge Practice is a challenge, marketing a Peds Concierge takes it up a notch!



Concierge Pediatrics is not well known. This requires considerable education besides marketing.


California, Suburban

BabiesMD: Concierge Pediatrics

The concept of getting personalized care for your children is quite interesting. However, it is unknown and in the area this practice is in, there is hardly anyone else. That meant the population was ripe to explore this idea, and that no-one knew about this concept, at least not for Pediatrics.

  • Concierge
  • Pediatrics

Marketing strategy

Portray a practice that is head and shoulders above the rest. Use any and all marketing tools to reach the parents needing this kind of service for their children.

Out of the box thinking

Concierge marketing for Pediatrics narrows the target audience considerably.

Challenging environment

A typical suburban area with a large number of Pediatrics practices required us to up our game.

Educating parents on advantages of Concierge

Multi-faceted approach to help parents gain a good understanding of Concierge Pediatrics helped get the Practice off to a great start.

Results so far

The practice has grown tremendously in it's first year. The owner is now considering expansion.