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We are a boutique marketing company focused on working with a select few clients and ensuring their success. We specialize in working just with private practices and that too, just a few specialties and have a very deep understanding of patient behavior.
With deep understanding of patient behavior and their needs, we design a marketing strategy that they resonate with. A strategy that bears results quickly, economically, and for the long-term.

Sunil Modi, Founder

Built a 2 Million Patient Support App& Platform, Reachout
Advisor to Google Advertising
Engaged by Pharma Industry as Consultant
Collaborated with Healthcare Systems
Regularly Consulted by Insurance Industry
Consultant to Hospital Systems
On the Board for several Healthcare startups

I encourage you to try this unique opportunity

I am excited that you are considering our comprehensive Marketing offering specifically for private practices. I am proud of my team to have put together a comprehensive marketing plan that manages all aspects of the marketing and ensures results, aka new patients.

Having studied patient behavior for the last decade from the App I built with over 2 Million patients in it, I am confident in our ability to deliver results consistently for you.

Painless operation where you don’t have to worry about whether SEO is enough or you need Advertising, or how often does a Website need to be updated or how best to collect reviews and their benefit to your practice. We have taken the guesswork out, simplified the offering, made it comprehensive with only one metric for you to gauge our performance on, new patients coming to your door.

To ensure we gain your confidence, we have taken steps to make this completely risk free for you. Our 30 day money back guarantee shows our confidence in growing your practice quickly and effectively.

I encourage you to fill out the free consultation form and I will try to  personally attend all of the initial consults to ensure we understand your practice, your skills and can effectively bring you in new patients.

Our Strategy for Marketing Your Medical Practice

Marketing for patients is by far the toughest in marketing industry, and we have perfected our skills with several years of experience as a reputable medical practice marketing agency.
Our Approach is second to none for Marketing For Doctors

Complete Website Management


Eliminating slow loading scripts, removing errors, guarding against malware, speed optimization via cache and edge computing


Adding pages as needed, managing content, improving readability and site structure


Adding content relevant to the practice. Ensuring content is original. Optimizing the content layout over time for optimal results.


Integrate Website with workflows to reduce load on staff. Online appointment, online intakes, online portal access etc.


Improving site design over time to be in-line with the latest trends. Keeping the users engaged longer with ease of navigation as well as original content that is easy to reach as well as fun to read.


Ensuring website is relevant to your practice ensures a higher rank on search engines. Often overlooked, a key piece of website maintenance is ensuring relevancy.

Learn more about our solution: SEO for Doctors

Comprehensive SEO Solution

Website SEO

Ensuring Content relevancy, fast site speed, no malware, keyword relevancy, error free content, technically correct site, optimized text/keyword ratios etc.

Local SEO

Ensuring high ranks for the site in local searches. Keywords relevant to local population, content curation based on local searches.

Social SEO

Using all social media tools to improve SEO scores. Capturing social media signals to direct traffic to site. Updating and improving social tools to achieve a higher social SEO.

Business SEO

Utilizing business listings and directory listings to enhance website presence and improve SEO scores. Optimize listings based on local SEO to achieve maximum exposures in the local community for the practice.

Technical SEO

Ensuring site content is copyright and plagiarism free. Eliminating technical errors and ensuring search engines are able to crawl the site error free for a higher technical SEO score.

SEO for more patients

A higher SEO score for content that actually converts to patients is our ultimate goal. We constantly test and monitor visitor movement on the site to ensure they are moving on to contact the practice. The ultimate SEO goal.

Learn more about our solution for: Advertising for Doctors

Targeted Search & Display Advertising

Google Ads

As Google Advisor, our expertise in Google Advertising is well known. We generate robust ROI for our clients.

Target Population

Advertising relevant to your target population, target demographics, and target Insurances

Campaigns For Multiple Revenue Streams

Target patients depending on your focus in medicine. Identify revenue streams and generate leads independently targeted towards those skills.

Ad Bids Optimization

Spend only the money necessary to generate tremendous returns on your investment. We constantly optimize bids to produce better and better ROI.

Ad Language to Appeal to the visitors

We grab attention of patients seeking help with messaging that is empathetic, HIPAA compliant, and we do not over promise.

Google, Facebook, Tiktok

Depending on the behavior of your target population, we adopt various platforms to generate patient call volume for your practice. We are equally adept at using Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Yelp and others.

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Patients acquired so far

Step 1:
Understanding Your Practice And Specialty

ConsultingMDs employs a collaborative approach to dive deep into the heart of your practice and specialty. We believe that your expertise deserves to be showcased in a way that speaks directly to your target audience. Here's how we do it:

Comprehensive Consultation

We start by listening to your vision, understanding your goals, and delving into the unique services and treatments your practice offers.

Competitive Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your competitors and market trends to identify gaps and opportunities that can set you apart.

Strategic Positioning

With insights in hand, we craft a strategic positioning that highlights your strengths, values, and the solutions you bring to patients.

Engaging Content

Our skilled content creators develop compelling content that showcases your expertise, educates your audience, and establishes your practice as a thought leader.

Step 2:
Target demographics

At ConsultingMDs, we understand that successful healthcare marketing hinges on reaching the right people. Defining your target audience is the cornerstone of any effective marketing strategy. It's not just about casting a wide net; it's about focusing your efforts on those who matter most – potential patients who align with your practice's values and services.

Close Collaboration

At ConsultingMDs, we collaborate closely with your practice to uncover the characteristics that define your ideal patients. We delve into demographics, location, medical needs, and other key factors to create a comprehensive profile of your target audience. This profile serves as the compass that guides our marketing strategies, ensuring that we reach the right people with the right message.

In-Depth Analysis

We conduct thorough research to gain insights into the healthcare landscape in your area. This includes understanding patient demographics, competitor positioning, and market trends.

Patient Personas

We create detailed patient personas that embody the characteristics of your ideal patients. These personas go beyond basic demographics to encompass preferences, behaviors, insurance carriers, socio-economic status and pain points.

Data Driven Insights

Our data-driven approach utilizes advanced analytics to identify patterns and preferences among your existing patients and potential target audience.

Step 3:
Devising a Marketing Strategy

Devising a marketing strategy is a blend of art and science, and our team has mastered both. We understand that no two practices are alike. That's why our approach to devising a marketing strategy is as unique as your practice itself. We work closely with you to understand your goals, strengths, and challenges, ensuring that every strategy we create aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Comprehensive Assessment

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your practice's current marketing efforts, strengths, and opportunities.

Clear Objectives

Based on your goals, we define clear and measurable marketing objectives that provide a roadmap for success.

Audience Insights

We dive deep into understanding your target audience – their preferences, needs, and behaviors – to tailor our strategies effectively.

Data-Driven Refinement

As your strategy unfolds, we continuously analyze data to refine our approach and optimize outcomes.

Step 4:
and Launch

Our marketing strategies for concierge medicine has a singular goal of bringing prospective patients to your practice. We deploy all tools available in our arsenal to achieve those goals.

Complete Website Management

We provide complete support to maintain your website, update the site, add or edit relevant content, ensure speed and relevancy among other things

Full SEO Solution

We ensure your website ranks at the top where applicable. Website SEO, Local SEO, Social SEO, Business SEO, Technical SEO are all covered under this implementation.


We reach specific pockets of patients with targeted advertising relevant to your practice. Patients seeking that great doctor, or busy executives seeking accessible doctors are very different demographics requiring individualized advertising approach to bear results.

Business Presence

We focus on improving your digital presence across the board. Business listings, yelp and google reviews, information across directories etc. are updated and maintained.

30 Days Guaranteed Marketing

We are so confident of our skills, we will gladly refund your money if you are not satisfied in the first 30 days with us.

Why Choose Us?

Learn about what stands us apart from the competition.
Experts in Working with Patients

We are proud to have built the premier Patient Support App supporting over 2 Million patients today.

Family of Doctors

Most of the team has family members who are doctors. We understand the profession well, and we are here to help you.

Comprehensive Plan

We don't piece-meal our plans. We don't upsell on things you need anyway. One price includes all the tools needed by us to grow your practice.

30 Days Free Marketing

We are so confident you will love this, we won't charge you anything if you cancel in the first 30 days. No questions asked.

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Specialties we have worked with

We are happy to apply our knowledge to help your practice. We are always eager to learn specifics about your specialty. Whether are you starting on your own or thinking of offering a niche service in your expertise, let's discuss how to make it a success.
Concierge Medicine
Family Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Internal Medicine
Pain Medicine
Urgent Care

Complementary Consultation

Setup a complementary session to discuss your practice marketing and how we may be able to help get more patients in your practice
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