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Our Concierge Medicine Marketing Strategy

Exclusive, Boutique, Effective Approach
We are a boutique marketing company focused on working with a select few clients and ensuring their success. We specialize in just a few specialties and have a very deep focus on Concierge Medicine. We relish the challenge of marketing a concierge practice and love working along-side the clinic in devising a winning marketing strategy.
In many ways, finding patients for a Concierge Practice is far more challenging than finding patients for a PCP or even a Specialist practice. With deep understanding of the concierge patient behavior and their needs, we design a marketing strategy that they resonate with. We use all the marketing tools available to us to get the desired results. A strategy that bears results quickly, economically, and for the long-term

Why Choose Us?

Learn what makes us among the best Concierge Medicine Marketing Services
Built and Manage Concierge Practices

We have setup Concierge practices from the ground up and manage them for the Providers

25 Years of Experience

Over 25 years of experience has gone into building a robust Marketing infrastructure that you can depend upon for your patient acquisition needs. Our team is continuously involved in developing deeper understanding for patients and how to educate and motivate them in getting better care.

Boutique Approach

Rather than a one-fit-all approach, we work alongside you to determine your USP and portray that in the right light to the Concierge patients out there seeking someone like you. We are small, and have the time and dedication to devote to your success, exclusively.

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Sunil Modi

Founder, ConsultingMDs
Built a 2 Million Patient Support App& Platform, Reachout
Engaged by Pharma Industry as Consultant
Collaborated with Healthcare Systems
Regularly Consulted by Insurance Industry
Consultant to Hospital Systems
On the Board for several Healthcare startups

Concierge Medicine: Medicine of the future

Fastest growing segment in medicine

Let me first congratulate you on breaking the shackles of conventional medicine and stepping into the world of concierge medicine. You must be or soon will love this style of practice and we are here to help you make it sustainable, profitable and most importantly, enjoyable.

Our approach is very personalized and boutique, we don’t try to fit you in a mold or a directory, and we are not content with mediocre results. We want to see your panel full and your life content practice concierge medicine.

With 25 years of overall expertise, 10 years exclusively in medicine and marketing, and last 4 in concierge medicine consulting and marketing, I can confidently say we can help your practice grow quickly.

We offer the full marketing suite. You no longer have to worry about whether SEO is enough or you need Advertising, or how often does a Website need to be updated or how best to collect reviews and their benefit to your practice. We have taken the guesswork out, simplified the offering, made it comprehensive with only one metric for you to gauge our performance on, new leads coming to your door.

I encourage you to contact us. I am happy to personally attend all of the initial consults to ensure we understand your practice, your skills and can effectively bring you in new patients using our concierge medicine marketing services.

Our Strategy for Marketing a Concierge Medical Practice

Marketing for concierge patients is by far the toughest in medical marketing, and we have perfected our skills with several years of experience as concierge medicine marketing agency.

Step 1:
Understanding Your Concierge Practice

Every Concierge practice is unique and it is vital for us to understand its offerings

Services offered

House-Calls, In-house Lab, Nutrition support, Global fee or Insurance + Fees, Text access, Telemedicine etc.

Competitive Landscape

Understanding competing practices around, their USP, and their pricing structures

Strengths & Weaknesses

While it is vital for us to explore the strengths and accentuate them through marketing, it is equally important to understand the weak points and work with the practice to eliminate them

Step 2:
Target demographics

Typically, there are 2 distinct set of patients seeking concierge care, and the approach to market to them varies drastically for each.

Patients with chronic conditions

Typically, these patients are seeking a doctor to help them manage their health more personally and hence a good match for a typical concierge doctor.

Executives seeking personalized medicine

This set of patients is typically seeking top-of-the-line therapies and medicine. They love instant access to their doctor and quick resolutions to their issues.

Step 3:
Devising a Concierge Marketing Strategy

A concierge marketing strategy cognizant of the strengths and weaknesses of the concierge practice, targeting each patient demographic specifically.

For the busy executive

A strategy that emphasizes leading edge medicine, latest therapies, access to top-rated specialists, and easy access to their Concierge Doctor.

For patients with chronic conditions

A strategy that elaborates a more compassionate approach detailing great bed side manner, unrushed appointments and holistic approach to medicine

Step 4:
and Launch

Our marketing strategies for concierge medicine has a singular goal of bringing prospective patients to your practice. We deploy all tools available in our arsenal to achieve those goals.

Complete Website Management

We provide complete support to maintain your website, update the site, add or edit relevant content, ensure speed and relevancy among other things

Full SEO Solution

We ensure your website ranks at the top where applicable. Website SEO, Local SEO, Social SEO, Business SEO, Technical SEO are all covered under this implementation.


We reach specific pockets of patients with targeted advertising relevant to your practice. Patients seeking that great doctor, or busy executives seeking accessible doctors are very different demographics requiring individualized advertising approach to bear results.

Business Presence

We focus on improving your digital presence across the board. Business listings, yelp and google reviews, information across directories etc. are updated and maintained.

Complementary Consultation

Setup a complementary session to discuss your practice marketing and how we may be able to help get more patients in your practice
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